Spirias International

Spirias International is one of the leading multi modal growers and exporters of fresh fruits and vegetables in Kenya, backed by professionally experienced skilled management and strong financial base. We are reliable and quality oriented in our product base. We not only believe in quality and the right taste but also in safeguarding our consumers by monitoring our products from farm to fork. We grow and source directly from local community farmers. Production and packaging is closely monitored to ensure that our product is safe enough for human consumption and believes in service to our customers. We have the production and supply capacity to provide you with a full range of fruits and vegetable supply throughout the year.

We are Members of Kenya Horticultural Crops Development Authority (HCDA). We have developed an indisputable reputation of operational efficiency thereby gaining customer confidence; we provide customer-specific programs on price sourcing during higher and low season to meet global market competition. We understand that safety for products is Health to all consumers and key success to our vision and values, we do guarantee all above from Kenya bureau of standards (KEBS). We have the regional expertise as well as global exposure to offer supply chain solutions to fill your fruits & vegetables basket. At Spirias International we focus on long-term relationships as we are always ready to tailor make a product and package, according to individual customer specifications. We not only believe in just business but on building good relations with our customers and suppliers. 

Kenneth Edwards

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