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Weight Loss

Spirias will take you through your journey of weight loss step by step through various challenges. Our ultimate goal is you becoming the ultimate winner! Are you ready for the challenge?


Meal Planning

Immediately after 4 weeks of detox, you will have a chance of having a planned meal, with keen eye being on your diet. Specific meals at different times of the day .


Juice Detox

Weight loss will ultimately come in various phases and challenges. Detox is one of them as we prepare your body to the new challenge of weight lose.

What we offer

Get glimpse of best of what we offer! We always strive to ensure that our clients get the best of our services at all time

Weight Loss
$100per month
Happy Life
$129per month
Full Services
$159per month

Why Choose My Program

Our company offers exclusive organic services, diet training to our clients. From the outcome, many of our clients are excited always come again.

2 Months Program

Once you enroll with our packages, we begin your diet management and weight loss program immediately. After 2-3 months, your results will speak for itself.

Immediate Results

With the experts that Spirias has, we are always confident on what we do. We normally don't take chances with our clients well being.

Refund Policies

In the event anything goes wrong, our company has flexible refund policies to cover for our clients. We normally refund up to 60% of the deposit.

50% Off On All Packages

With the ravaging effects of Corona Virus, we are giving away 50% off for all our products and services,

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Our offices are always open from 8Am-9Pm from Monday to Friday.

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