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We believe that you have a right to get the best deals on car insurance Kenya. That’s why we developed a quote comparison system that allows you to find the best car insurance rates in Kenya for every class of insurance. See some of the reasons why you should compare insurance quotes online.

Comparing Insurance Online Saves Time

Comparing quotes at insureafrika will save you time. In less than a minute, our platform gives you a ranked list of quotes from leading insurance companies in Kenya for your car insurance. There is simply no faster way of getting all the quotes and their prices to ease your decision-making

Comparing Insurance Online Saves Money

Our system will make it possible for you to save money by showing you where the best deals are. We highlight any deals you can enjoy and we make it possible for you to see in a glance the companies that have the best quotes in the market at any one time.

Comparing Insurance Online helps you understand your Coverage Options

As you compare quotes using our system, you will be able to see all the coverage options available from leading car insurance companies in Kenya. Our online comparison form allows you to tweak your preferences in ways that gives you results that address your needs.


Buying car insurance in Kenya can be a very expensive affair if you do not have the right knowledge. Every insurance customer should be able to access insurance products at the most competitive price levels. Getting cheap quotes for your car insurance is not only possible, but is also within your reach. Here are some ways you could use to get cheap motor insurance quotes.

Start Shopping Early

The easiest way to get a poor deal in any market is shopping when you are desperate. Last minute shopping makes you vulnerable and limits your chances of getting a good deal. We encourage you to start shopping early for your car insurance so that you have the time to compare quotes and to get the best deals possible for your insurance.

Compare Quotes Online

Another way of getting the best deals possible is comparing quotes online. In Kenya, insureafrika is the market leader when it comes to comparison of quotes for car insurance and all other classes of insurance. We invite you to compare your car insurance quotes on our site and see just how much you can save by comparing quotes online. Its fast, its free and it works.

Talk to Agents

It is also a good idea to talk to car insurance agents to find out what they have for you. Insurance agents tend to have access to information about whats hot in the market right now and can be invaluable to you. However, bear in mind that agents get the highest commissions when they sell high value products and as such, they will always try to sell you the highest priced products if you don’t ask the right questions.

If you need to speak to agent right away, you can talk to our in-house agent now by dialing 0800721200. It is free.

Ask for deals from insurance companies

If you have the time and the nerve, you can also ask for deals from insurance companies regarding any special policies and special offers they may have. Talking to car insurance companies directly can give you insights into how the market looks like.

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